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Creating immersive landscapes, urban gardens and community spaces Bespoke and dynamic schemes, bringing your space to life.

Community Wellness Garden

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Designed around 3 connected concepts - community, mind, and nature.

This inviting and sensual space helps support and improve our mental wellbeing, as a space to connect and socialize with others, relaxing seating within grasses swaying in the breeze, invigorating natural textures as natural play areas, a calming colour palette, and aroma of fresh herbs around the small counter and picnic area.

Whitehawk Community garden 


As the Chair of a friendly community gardening group, we support others who wish to come learn how to growing organic food, support local biodiversity, composting techniques and encourage education & wellbeing outdoors for our local community in Brighton.

Image by Annie Spratt

Our design process

Garden concept

This concept package includes site analysis and a detailed personal brief to help visualise and plan out your space to fit within your lifestyle, family activities and hobbies.

Productive garden

The productive garden includes flexible growing spaces for fruits and vegetables, with either organic shapes or structured linear beds, as well as crop planning and irrigation advice.

Detail package

The next step in the design process, is to include a full detailed design package, suitable for construction, in

co-ordination with additional specialists and consultants.

Ongoing advice

Depending on your package, we can advise with ongoing garden care and maintenance, with the productive gardens including harvesting, composting and storing of produce.

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Image by Eugene Golovesov
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