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London planted terraces and play area

This London terrace development at Tottenham Hale has been a fascinating project to work on with the Andy Sturgeon Design team. These terraces include a play area, timber seating, raised planters, large feature pots, varied planting palette and porcelain tiles.

london terrace with timber benches, raised planters and trees

A mixed-use development, comprising of new homes, commercial spaces, communal terraces, associated car parking, cycle parking and ground floor landscaping. Similar with the architecture, the concept for the both roof terraces is inspired by the site’s industrial heritage, in particular the adjacent historic building, Berol House was once part of the Eagle Pencil Company factory. This history of the site inspired the hexagon shaped spaces, planters and seating aeas.

The landscape design comprises of a first floor podium courtyard space, a fifth floor roof terrace and three private roof terraces. These two terraces are very different spaces, as the level 1 terrace has a much shadier character, a large internal communal seating area with a glass wall, viewing out onto this terrace, as well an integrated play area. While the level 5 terrace has a more bright and sunny location, large architectural open brick windows which frame the views of London and 3 areas of private terraces.

As with all design projects, we start with analysis of each space, investigating the views, the sun's movement, the most shady corners, wind direction, access points, use of space, window cleaning, and the list goes on. From there we create a sketch plan and/or a colourplan to share with the clients to discuss the brief, as well as creating material palettes boards.

london terrace with timber benches, raised planters and trees design palette

The planting list included a range of sun and shade loving species including large multistem birch trees and multistem Osmanthus (these were initially intended as multistem Pinus sylvestris 'watereri' but were switched out due to sourcing issues).

Integrated into the architecture and brick pillars were several bee boxes, bird boxes for swallows and bat boxes surrounding the terraces.

A few of the plants included:

  • Epimedium perralchicum "Frohnleiten"

  • Lirope muscari

  • Perovskia Forncett Ivory "Blue Spire"

  • Libertia Grandiflora

  • Helleborus niger

  • Erigeron karvinskianus

  • Luzula nivea

  • Salvia officinalis "Purpurea"

  • Asttrantia major "Claret"

  • Polystichum setiferum

  • Hakonehloa macra

  • Miscanthus sinensis Kleine Fontane

london terrace with  raised planters planting palette

The architecture has been designed by Allison Brook Architects, with the construction of the terraces by Galliford Try and Sky Garden.

Large feature pots provided by Urbis and Kinley porcelain tiles.


Thanks for reading, any questions, we would love to hear from you!


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