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Community Wellbeing Garden

Connections Community Welbeing Garden is designed around 3 connected concepts - with people in the community, with your body & mind, and connected with nature.

Garden spaces can offer us a much needed relief from a busy world or the stresses of life, with the health and wellbeing benefits of gardens becoming better recognised in recent years, wellbeing gardens channel these positive effects, helping to relieve stress and increase mindfulness.

This sensory stimulation garden offers areas for relaxation, socializing, group activities, natural play, contemplation, and a small counter and picnic area for community use, all immersed within a textural and colourful garden.

This connected space helps support and improve one’s mental wellbeing, with grasses swaying in the breeze, invigorating textures from natural materials - including timber, gravel and rocks, the sight of the changing colours of the seasons, the sound of the calm trickling of the watering feature, and the smell of fresh herbs when exploring or socializing with others.

Plants are selected which offer fragrance to the space and also can be used as teas while socializing. The plants offer seasonal colour and good choices for attracting wildlife and supporting the local biodiversity.


Thanks for reading, any questions, we would love to hear from you!


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