About Bee Waine Designs

Bridgette Macilwaine,

BA (Hons) Spatial Design,

PGDip Landscape Architecture

Bridgette's love of design, nature and outdoor spaces originates from her homeland and childhood in Africa, climbing cliffs, exploring the bush and swimming in rivers, every landscape boasting a different, but beautiful character. 

As a designer she aims to create personal and beautiful designs for each and every client, enhancing the connection between people and nature, with an interest on blending sustainability and beauty with careful materials choices and sensual planting palettes. 

With her wide range of experiences across projects of varying scales, from small residential gardens up to large scale urban developments and public realm areas in London, Bridgette's full basket of skills is ready to apply to any new project.

Having previously worked for a number of globally recognised Landscape practices where she has built on her knowledge of project management, planting designs, sustainability, high quality detailing and permaculture practices.

Bridgette is a Licentiate Member of the Landscape Institute and a volunteer at the Brighton community allotment, an immersive place to learn, connect and grow as a community.

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