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Garden concept

This concept package include site analysis and a detailed personal brief to help visualise and plan out your space to fit within your lifestyle, family activities and hobbies.

Productive garden

The productive garden includes flexible growing spaces for fruits and vegetables, with either organic shapes or structured linear beds, as well as crop planning and irrigation advice.

Detail package

The next step in the design process, is to include a full detailed design package, suitable for construction, in co-ordination with additional specialists and consultants.

Ongoing advice

Depending on your package, we can advise with ongoing garden care and maintenance, with the productive gardens including harvesting, composting and storing of produce.

As each design varies depending on your site and lifestyle, every corner and detail will be analysed and designed to fit with your bespoke brief.


Design packages include:

  • Site surveys and analysis

  • Personal design briefs and concept plans

  • 3D sketches and models which help visualize your ideas

  • Construction and detail drawings

  • Advice choosing and sourcing materials for your new outdoor areas

  • Detailed planting plans and plant selection

  • Irrigation and lighting advice

  • Harvest and crop plans for productive gardens

  • Advise on planning application if required

  • Advise tendering for project contractors if necessary

  • Oversee project development during construction

  • Garden maintenance and care advice

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