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Mountain side Yoga Shala

Softly emerging from the sloping mountainside and nestled within the landscape. This Yoga "Om Yoga Shala" offers a deep connection with nature and allows the exploration between the mind, body and soul connection. Sustainable building principles allow for the protection and enhancement of the existing landscape.

This sustainable yoga house was inspired by the surrounding natural elements, reconnects one with nature and explores the triangular forms of the Shri Yantra. The Shri Yantra is the symbol of the great divine, the source of all energy, power, and creativity.

The interlocking triangles of this sacred symbol show the relationship between femininity and masculinity, and the complexity of consciousness as the interlocked nine triangles create a further 43 triangles. This design is considered to be one of the most powerful yantras - used to bring wealth into the spiritual & physical realm, not in the sense of money, but overall wellbeing and freedom from negative influences.


"Nestled within the natural landscape, it offers a deep connection with nature, and allows the exploration between the mind, body, soul connection"

The site is divided into 5 main designed spaces:

1. Dream state - immersive woodland route to the Yoga shala along the elevated timber walkway:

2. Absolute state - the peaceful and textural rocky landscape and meditation deck;

3. Waking state - the yoga shala, experiencing the world

through the 5 senses;

4. Unconscious state - the relaxing social deck and kitchen nestled within the landscape;

5. Illusion - the winding Zen garden signifies our experiences and journey through life.

This 80m2 Yoga Shala includes integrated storage spaces for yoga mats and equipment. The site includes showers and toilets integrated into the moutainside and concealed with natural materials and layered planting. A small kitchenette and inspirational garden are located nearby, just outside the main Yoga Shala.

Sustainability strategy:

  • Locally sourced light interior timber cladding reflects light from within creating a warm and comfortable yoga space within the Shala;

  • Downward opening timber louvres along the facade and the overhead skylight allow for natural light diffusion into the yoga space without harsh direct sunlight;

  • Solar water heaters are located on the slanted rest room roof which feed warm water to the showers while the grey water output is connected to a filter and reed bed system for cleansing;

  • PV solar panels located on the angled south facing kitchen roof to supply the low energy LED lighting across the site, as well as associated batteries for energy storage;

  • Drip irrigation throughout the gardens is connected to the grey water filtration system with scheduled timers to control water usage during the changing seasons;

  • Low maintenance diamond shaped recycled plastic roof tiles from discarded building products fit with the local vernacular.

This "Om Yoga Shala" was designed in collaborative with Saumya Sampat.


Thanks for reading, any questions, we would love to hear from you!


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