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The magic of life & abundance of energy

I recently heard on a podcast someone say gardeners are the most determined optimists, this made me laugh! Every year with the same ball of excitement, we get ready, we sort seeds, we plant, we water, we grow, we put in time and love …….and always to be expected they don’t all make it!

But it’s the basic magic and childlike excitement of life and the miracle of germination that unites all growing things that keeps up coming back each year to do it all over again, and make us appreciate of the abundance of energy stored in one tiny seed.

Planting seeds and watching them grow is life affirming, every year I still get so excited with this simple yet most rewarding of all gardening activities. Although I’ve learnt over time that growing seeds isn’t as simple as it sounds, some plants and veggies are easier than others to grow from seeds, and some are very fussy. Subtle differences in temperature, growing conditions, time of day of planting and watering routine can affect your seed growth outcome.

It’s easy to load up on plants from the nursery, and plant them straight in the ground, but there’s something so personal and meditative about the process of planting a seed, using your hands in the soil and looking forward to watching it appear.

I definitely admit that there are certain plants and vegetables that I have tried, researched and won’t put my time to again, as they are too difficult, some of these being aubergines and cauliflower, maybe one day when I own a small plot of land and more space I might try again one day.  


Thanks for reading, any questions, we would love to hear from you!


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